Saturday, July 14, 2007

getting to the next level

it's been a while since i posted here, but that's just 'cuz i been bizzy!

finally getting the exyus framework distilled to the important bits. i now have a single pageHandler class that handles standard HTML GET activity. it can be sub-classed and declaring a new page in the site looks like this (C#):

public class home : pageHandler
public home()
this.TemplateXml = "/blogging/index.xml";
this.TemplateXsl = "/blogging/index.xsl";
this.MaxAge = 600;

note i only need an xml document (that supports x:include, btw) and a transform (that supports exslt, etc.) and i'm rockin'

i also added a dataHandler class today. this can be used to produce XML resources that respond to the standard GET POST PUT DELETE interface. again, i distilled it down to a small bit of code that leverages XML,XSD, XSLT and a dash of TSQL. here's a typical class:

public class weblogData : dataHandler
public weblogData()
this.ConnectionString = "mamund_personal_db";
this.UrlPattern = @"/data/weblogs/(.*).xcs\??(.*)$";
this.XHtmlNodes = "//body";

this.PostXsdFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-post.xsd";
this.PostXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-post.xsl";
this.PutXsdFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-put.xsd";
this.PutXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-put.xsl";
this.DeleteXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-delete.xsl";
this.GetXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-get.xsl";

again, it's all about creating the proper schema and transform files. of course, there' some T-SQL in the background, but that's another story.

the point here is that it's now pretty simple to create a web site that supports all the standard (X)HTML stuff as well as acts as a good HTTP netizen. most of this is following the REST model (with liberties along the way).

finally, i implemented a no-cache pattern last week. now, if you do a GET using the cache-control:no-cache header, exyus will ignore any cached value and rebuild the request (caching it along the way, if called for).  using the header is a bit cumbersome for html clieints, but works fine for scripting and ajax work.

i need to exercise the new upper-level classes (dataHandler mostly) but they should be solid. next, i want to work more on the requestor class (to make internal http requests) and then look at wrapping things up for the first post to a public server!

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