Saturday, June 2, 2007

big leap forward today

i made a big leap forward in the rest-server framework today. i added support for using xml server-side templates that support x-include and other good stuff. that means it's possible to define an xml template that includes several calls to the /data/ portion of the system and then apply a transform to it on the server. it generates clean xhtml and sends it to the client (optionally caching it on the server, too).

all very sweet.

i ran into a few (not unexpected) hurdles along the way. first, since the /data/ part of the system is secured, templates calling into the /data/ area always failed rudely unless the user had already authenticated. i decided to implement a server-side system-user account that can access the data quietly as needed. this is the road of least-friction. i also plan on implementing a version that will force the user to log in first. that will take a bit of doing. i can easily write an x-include fallback, but i also need a clean way to pass credentials (i think) once the user has logged in. it's on my list of things to check out.

another stinger was the whole xml:base resolution deal. i decided to keep my xml templates in a folder not directly accessible to external users (prevents hacking). but that meant for each request, i needed to 'adjust' the internal path to point to the template pile. that - in turn - broke the xml:base for the x-includes. as a result, i now diddle the url as it comes in to make sure it matches the one for the intial template. now it all seems to work fine. this may not be the correct solution, but it works.

i also added suport for xhtml validating of user input on the server. i use the built-in validator for xml, but using a DTD/Schema instead. works great. now i can make sure saved data does not end up hosing the xml/xsl templates. i did run into a bit of trouble, tho. seems my escapeHTML javascript hack converts the input to HTML (not xhtml) each time i *read* it in. this is a bummer. i need to check into that since it means each time i edit an existing record, all my cool xhtml changes are removed.

finally, i did a bunch of code clean-up and some object renaming. i've been meaning to do that for quite a while, but just never took the time. now it's much cleaner (references to amundsen and REST are now gone) and i've moved a few things from local vars into const and such.

so, i have a solid templating solution started. i need to beat it up a bit before i will rest, tho [grin]. i figure building the public side of the weblog app will gfive me enough chance to expose weaknesses in the model.

onward and upward!

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mamund said...

update: found the xhtml bug. turns out the problem is how i was *storing* the data upon reading it from the server. i placed it in a span. when i did that, the DOM 'fixed up' the escaped XHTML and turned it into simple HTML[sigh]. i now store the XHTML from the server in a local js var and then use *that* to fill the textarea on edit. all cool.