Friday, June 15, 2007

improved the date filtering for the blog

i added a number of new 'reserved' words to date queries for the blogging app.










now you can query the data like this:


and see all the posts on file for this week

not bad

i also finally sorted out support for secured templates. i've created a new space /templates/ that requires http auth - right now only the site admin has it. and the runtime uses siteadmin rights to load anything via includes. that means that any direct calls by clients will prompt for user auth. any *internal* calls via includes, etc will always be decorated with siteadmin user/pass and will work without trouble.

pretty slick!

i plan on adding a robots file to prevent any attempts to crawl that space, too.

i also did some work a a simple template this past week. it's pretty clean. i think it will work for starters. now i just need to sort out the final details for the display side and implement it locally. proly take a day.

then i need to add the editing UI. i think i need to step up and use the dhtml components i've been work on at the office (html edit, calendar control, sort/page table, tabs, etc.) this should make the ui more interesting with less hackery, too.

so i'll proly spend a few days getting those all working smoothly, too.

it's inching along.

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