Sunday, June 10, 2007

stlled, but learning

i'm kinda stalled on upgrading my rest-ian framework. the initial templating system is working, but i need to iron out and sand off the rough edges on my security implementation for embeded templates (templates calling templates...).  it should be working fine in a few days.

in the meantime, i helped jesse implement another feature on his web site. although he is not using the 'full-blown' rest-ian model, most of the recent changes i've implemented for him use rest-like patterns and lots of xml/xslt work. he's actually getting the hang of working with xsl transformations, too.

finally, i stumbled upon a couple related items on a rest email list this week and it's got me thinking:

Megginson Technologies: Quoderat

Lost Update Problem. This doesn’t have to do with REST per se as much as with the choice not to use resource locking, but since REST people tend to like their protocols lightweight, the odds are that you won’t see exclusive locks on RESTful resources all that often (it also applies to some kinds of POST updates as well as PUT).

Reliable delivery in HTTP

Achieving reliable delivery in HTTP is not difficult. It takes a little bit of understanding of how HTTP works and what reliable delivery means.

both of these items point out common problems with any remoting/async system. and they both have very simple solutions!  i really like the version id solution for the lost update. i am still working on the details of reliable delivery using POST (or RPOST).

but they bothremind me that there are a number of additional things to consider before i claim a 'complete' framework!

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