Wednesday, June 6, 2007

more on hypermedia and the engine of app state...

been running into several other posts that relate to this issue (see posts below)

one thing that is starting to sink in is that the hypermedia aspect relates closely media types.  in a nutshell, if replies from the server express media types and links, i should be able to figure out what kind of representation is allowed/expected at each link (end-point) along the way.  if a system (client) understands a collection of media-types, it stands to reason that the client can make GET to the server to retrieve a list of links and media types and then be able to compose a PUT/POST based on the media-type and pass it to one or more of the links.  i think i'm getting it...

An Opinion? Well, if you ask...: D'oh! REST already had contracts.

The contracts and protocol exist solely in the data. A client that understand a media type can then navigate the web of links based on knowledge gleaned from documents conforming to that media type. (This is exactly hypermedia as engine of application state).

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Do we need WADL?

Everybody's atwitter about WADL, a description file for REST services, and since it's supposed to be RESTful I regularly get questioned about it.

Shopping - SimpleWebServices

In the REST world, shopping revolves around application state - transitioning as required.

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