Monday, May 28, 2007

added support for the website objects

i added support for the website objects today. this will be my 'blog roll.' for the blog.  that rounds out my initial set of objects for the blog:

- weblog

- category

- website

i tested them all against the data api and all work as expected. i think i need to update the _list function a bit. maybe return a default top X number unless the 'all' argument is passed, i think. i'll add some other filtered list requests later - by year/month, by category should be good starters.

i think i need to add the top X return to the website_list, too. i'll proly work that out this week.

then it's on to the 'live' version of the site. for starters i'll define the following:

- home page

  + last 5 full posts

  + list of categories

  + list of websites

  + link to get full list of posts (reverse chrono order)

later i'll add some other stuff like:

- contact page

- posts by category

- list of all websites (full blogroll)

i need to implement a url pattern for the posts that work on a 'hackable' model:

- /posts/yyyy/mm/post-id - returns a single post

- /posts/yyyy/mm/ - returns list of posts for that month

- /posts/yyyy/ - returns a list of posts for that year

- /posts/ - returns all posts

this probably will be handled via the rewriter



then i just need to implement the filters for the _list query.

i also need to get a good editor working for the blog posts.

- edit weblog entries (uses a category list)

- edit category entries

- edit website entries (uses a category list)

well - that's all for now.

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