Sunday, May 20, 2007

moved exyus runtime to root folder

made another big step today in rolling out a working version of exyus - moving it to the root folder of a server.

actually, a sub folder. but the point is that the app no longer runs under the debug server. i implemented some isap rewrite rules, modified the xsl and scripts and now all runs fine as a standard iis-hosted app. it's all about the configs now.

i tweaked my running log app to use a bit of javascript (running.js) and a clean css file (running.css). i need to do the same with the food log app. once that's done, both apps will be fully functional and stand-alone.

next, i need to package up the two apps and post them to my public-facing server that uses sql server (not the express flavor i have here).  at that point, the release will be complete - a fully functional rest-ian lightweight web framework.

once the thing is hosted publicly, i just need to start designing and implementing other rest-ian web apps. my next target - a blog app. then i can test my rss/atom output skills, too!

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