Thursday, May 3, 2007

side track into client ui

i've been spending the last several days (at work) putting together some web 2.0 ui pages. this is focus on a POX (plain old xml) back end and ajax-inated javascript browser front end.  been kind fun, actually.

in the process, i've decided to build a small (but useful) DOM-friendly collection of ui components. i'm focusing on the following:

- tree control

- table (sort-able, filter-able, page-able)

- tabs

- menu (fly out and drop-down)

- modal dialog

- collapser (toggle page sections open/closed)

- auto-suggest (ala google, et al)

i also want to settle on a calendar and dhtml editor, but have not found anything i like yet.

also, i've worked up a basic 'behind-the-scenes' set of javascript libraries to make my life easier:

- dom helper (base from dean edwards)

- mozxpath (nice cross-browser xpath against xml docs)

- ajax library (built on the one from ajax patterns wiki)

- data library (found a decent one i need to work on)

so that's a nice set to starat with, eh?

so far, i've done enough work with the ajax, and mozxpath to know they work great. i like dean edward's base2, but it's a bit early to tell if this will last.

i also posted a clean modal dialog and auto-suggest set in my googlecode space.  i plan on posting the other parts as they get exercised (or exorcised, as the case may be<g>).

fwiw, i still have work to do on the server-side rest library. but that might wait a week or so as i get through this client stuff.

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