Tuesday, May 15, 2007

implemented a new 'app' in about two hours

had a good time this weekend. i implemented a second simple http/rest web app in about two hours. this time, instead of my jogging log, i created a simple weight loss log.  while it was really  simple (just one table with a handful of inputs) it was important to me to create a new app from scratch to test out the rest-server pattern io've been working on for the last month or so.

and it went well. i did do a lot of copy and paste (one reason it went so fast). that means i might be able to factor in some of the copy-paste into the base class. but i want to make sure not to 'over-engineer' things. i implemented the xml data uri, then a simple xhtml list/detail pattern for public viewing. setting up the security was a bit tricky at first (forgot some of my details for setting up secure urls and granting user permissions), but it fell into place once i dusted of the ideas. currently the security is all done via XML files, but i can see how doing this in a db would make things smoother.

finally, i also updated the running app by cleaning up the uri pattern and refreshing the public pages. it took tiny bit of work to update the XSLT and a bit of trundling the javascript client code. but it's all good.

i'm having some fun here. my next target? posting all this stuff to a public server instead of just on my workstation.

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