Monday, May 21, 2007

updated my food log app

i updated the foodlog app to look/feel similar to the runlog app i updated last week. it now has a slicker public side and a bit smarter editing experience. they bos support html content for the notes section and i'm starting to use things like anchors and image tags to spruce up the content - looking nice.

i want to run it a bit longer here on my workstation iis edition before packing it up for the public server. but i suspect the public server will happen before the end of the month. 

in the meantime, i am starting to plan out a simple blog app. the first pass will have entries and categories. i'm considering a blog roll and comments, but i might use an available service for those (get to test my ajax/rss chops!).  anyway, the app will be a bit more complex than the 'log' apps i'm using today. just the right step up in my process for building rest-ian apps.

on another front, i've stopped working on the http auth side of things. while basic-auth is working, i have no ssl cert to guard my transactions. i also haven't implemented digest auth. that is probably what i should focus on next. i also want to tighten up the session and cookie services baked into the framework. finally, the user accounts and url auth data is currently stored in xml files. that will need to be moved to a db relatively soon, too.

it's looking good and solid - i like it!

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