Saturday, May 26, 2007

started my weblog implementation

finally got the courage to start to implement my weblog in the new REST framework <ta-da!>.

i was able to implement the database side (weblog, category, websites) in a little more than an hour. of course, i'd done some planning ahead of time so the implementation was just 1-2-3 simple. that included the table definitions as well as the standard sprocs that produce xml output from sql server (_list, _read, _add, _update, _delete).  later, i suspect i need to add some customized _list sprocs (most recent, search by date, etc.).

i was able to build each http handler in about 30 minutes. this involved copying an existing handler and modifying a few references to XSD and XSL files. then actually creating the XSD to validate the input and XSL to convert the XML input into acceptable T-SQL to submit to the database server. i got the weblog and category classes completed. i still need to implement the website class, tho.

also, i set up an endpoint for the weblog and the category classes. that meant updating my handlerfactory class and modifying the auth-url and auth-users xml files to control access to the new endpoints.  that took just a few minutes.

finally, i copied my stock html-ajax page that allows me to target the endpoint and do add/update/delete actions. this is my basic test bed. that took me less than 30 minutes to handle both the weblog and teh category. i was able to create sample data for both classes - no problem.

i also took the time to re-org the endpoints. now, all the actual data access is done through the /data/* URI. originally, i had the data behind each app (/running/runlogs, eating/foodlogs, etc.), but as the data library grows, i think it will be easier to control (esp. access control) if it all appears under a single /data/ endpoint (/data/foodlogs/, data/runlogs/, etc.). i'm not sure how deep to make the hierarchy - there's no limits, i guess. it will take time and some experimenting, but i'll get it.

i need to implement the website endpoint (handler and test page), but that should take less than 30 minutes. once that is done, i'll be ready to implement a 'live' display and edit service for the weblog.  i'm thinking that i will finally start to integrate the DOM/DHTML UI components that i scouted over the last few months (tabs, tables, tree, etc.).

anyway, it's been a good week. doing this next app has a bit more complexity and it's giving me a chance to expand the features and value of the rest framework. all fun stuff!

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