Saturday, April 14, 2007

add support for basic auth today

i added the underlying support for basic-auth to the rest-based server system today.  i added session services. it's a simple cookie-based service, but it will make things easy to deal with. i plan on adding support for digest auth tomorrow. that would round things out nicely. 

i still need to implement a user store and a role-based security model. while this will not be super simple, getting the auth-right is the first step.  i also need to establish a uri table. this can hold the auth and role details for any/all uris as well as details on transformations and caching.  i have the basic ideas, but still need to come up with the details.

generally, it's going well, tho.  in fact, i am working on another side-project this weekend and find that my mind is now already thinking rest-like. this current project is typical RPC/API style and i'm having a bit of trouble keeping on track with the project's details.

i think that's a good sign, eh?

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