Friday, April 20, 2007

completed initial basic-auth implementation

i finally finished off the basic-auth implementation tonight. while i had the basic-auth request/response working, i had to user/password store and validation working. now i do!

this first pass uses a simple xml storage pattern with user/pass along with a list of associated roles for that user. the details are loaded on the first validation of the user and kept in cache throughout the session. i can now add a permission check at the top of each web method to check the role of the current user. if the role check fails, i return a 403 - sweet!

next step is to move away from site-wide role-based model and go straight for a uri/http-method model. the user store should have the uri (actually a regexp that can resolve to one or more uri) and a list of allowed actions (get, post, put, delete, head, option, *=all, !=none). this can all be done within the security loop *before* ever getting to the http handler code that implements the method (get, post, etc). that way, the entire security details (authentication and authorization) are outside the handler entirely.

need to do some work to grep the details of building a list of regexps for uri and a way to cleanly load and walk these uris at runtime.

of course, once the uri/action pattern is solid, i can implement a version of digest-auth, too!

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