Wednesday, April 25, 2007

share nothing architecture

as i work toward a rest-ian model for my web apps, i am reminded of a simple rule of thumb when implementing web content: share nothing.

that means don't assume cookies or session that 'binds' a request or series of requests to a web server. as long as each request is completely stand-alone, it can be delivered from any server that has a copy of the requested resource.

again - thinking in terms of resources (not objects or pages) is the key. when a user makes a request the origin server will need to resolve the request into a (stand-alone) resource. once this is done, that resource can be stored - anywhere (including a third party caching server. then this can be replayed from the stored location.

the only tricky part there is aging the cached item. since i want to support third party caches, i can't rely on local 'dfity bits' to clear the cache when data changes. besides, that's a kind of 'not-shared-nothing' approach! instead i need to set a maxage value for caching and/or use an etag model. that way, when requests are made, the cache (local or remote) can properly sort out the details.

when we talk about third parties, things like forced validation and other issues will come into play, but i don't need that right now. what i need to focus on is a clean and simple private caching pattern using maxage and tags. then i can move out from there to public caches.

again, the key is to make sure i use the 'shared-nothing' approach when composing a resource. then it's easier to replay.

auth - now that's a diff story...

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