Monday, April 16, 2007

initial solution for the composer dilemma

i've arrived at a tentative decision on the whole 'composer' dilemma regarding authorization and caching on the web. basically, the point is this:

you cache data, not apps.

or, put another way:

decide if your web page is data or presentation. if it's presentation, then it's not cache-able.

while this is probably artificially rigid, for now, it keeps my head straight.

i am also starting to think about making all 'web pages' apps (or app-like thingies<g>). for example, a blog home page is really a tiny app that presents the most recent post, a list of the last ten posts, and a blog roll. those are three data items (fully cache-able via REST-like URIs). the home page of the blog is really just some html and a handful of javascript ajax calls to retrieve the appropriate data. see? the web page is an app, right?

btw - if the web page is really just some html and scripts to get data, then that web page can be safely cached, too, right?


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