Saturday, April 28, 2007

implemented basic caching for the rest server tonight

after adding a simple write-to-file routine for the GETs in my REST server, i also implemented support for ETag, Last-Modified, and Cache-Control max-age headers.

now, when a resource is generated, if the max-age is over zero, the results are written to disk and caching headers (etag, last-modified, and max-age) are written to the client.

in addition, when a GET is received at the server, the routine can check for If-None-Match (for etags) and Use-If-Not-Modified (for last-modified) request headers and, if possible simply return 304 instead of regenerating the request.

none of this is marked public yet. i still want to work on some details of the cache-control header including things like must revalidate, freshness, and no-cache directives for cookie-d requests, etc.

still, the server is getting more robust and generating cache-able content. and that's good!

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