Friday, April 13, 2007


reviewing a couple documents, including the W3C docs on their ACL implementation points out that ACLs are applied to resource URIs - makes sense.

the W3C model has a database that lists URIs and their ACL grant. the work of matching the identity->role->grant details is done on the data side - nothing too magical, but would require a bit of 'busting' to get it right, i suspect (including granting for a single resource URI, for a resource URI collection [folder], inheritance downward, etc.).

i am still struggling with the issue of composers. not just the example of an xhtml home page, but also a simple list of resources. if a URI GET results in a list, is that list composed of only resources available to that identity/role? if that's true, does the same URI GET result in a different list for another identity/role?

[sigh] i think i'm missing something...

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