Saturday, April 28, 2007

beat a perf challenge today

last night i added support for xhtml strict doctypes in my html outputs from the rest server project. i immediately saw a serious perf cost to doing this - wow!  it bugged me all night long and it was only this am when i finally had the time to work through the problem.

turns out that the cost is not in the transforming of the xml into xthml via xsl where the cost was - it was in reconstituting the output of my transformation from a string pile back into a new xml document (long story on all that...).

anyway, since i need to output the final product (xml, string, strong object type) as a serialized string pile to the browser, i just added some smarts to the base class that handles the http response to all for more than just an xml document or C# type. now it handles a string pile, too.

*big* improvement! now i know i'm able to generate strict xhtml and i still have solid performance.

next for me is to implement a local caching pattern that allows for support of public caching servers. it's all about the GET this weekend!

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