Sunday, April 22, 2007

built my first client for the rest server

i spent a couple hours building a simple CRUD app that allows me to manage my jogging log entries.

it went without much fanfare. i created a single page (/running/edit/index.html) that handles all the actions via ajax (no direct posting). this means there is nothing bookmarkable, but that's fine for the editor.  once i got the pattern down, it feels a lot like windows programming (wow!).  the ajax library i am using is from the ajax patterns book/site - highly recommended.

the basic implementation involves two uri:



the running/edit uri holds the single html document that does all the work. powered by lots of js and some key libraries (base2 & mozxpath along with my version of the ajax pattern lib). the runlogs uri holds the actual data. this is served via my rest-server. plain xml from a db table in this case.

i also made sure to secure the /edit/ uri to force authentication. that worked fine, too.

i learned a handful of things along the way. this is a dirt-simple editor. it's also rock-solid. fast, too. a good user experience.

of course, i have no meaningful css here and the gross-level ui experience is very basic.  anyone with decent design and ui skills could make improvements.

but the point here is that i was able to quickly build the full editor and it all works nicely. yay!

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