Saturday, April 21, 2007

can't forget ssl

while i continue to focus on getting the plumbing working for authentication and authorization in my REST server, i gotta remember that support for SSL should be on my list, too.

first, since i've only implemented basic-auth, ssl would be essential for any app that will live 'in the wild.' second, even w/ digest-auth added (sometime soon), sll will be very desirable from a privacy standpoint.

that also brings up the issue of supporting https patterns. i suspect i'll do this using an isap rewriter - not within the app loop itself. too much thrashing in the code, i think.

finally, i need to get ssl installed on my workstation. i think i can use msft selfssl package for starters. i should also get a (cheap) semi-secure ssl to install on the public machine.

ok - nuther thing to add to the list then.

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